A Real Conversation On A Friday Afternoon About A Screener

Linda Holmes: This Hallmark movie is very disappointing.
Marc Hirsh: That’s too bad.
Is it the one about the gypsy fortune-teller who informs the woman she has to marry someone in six months or be alone forever?
Linda Holmes: YES.
Marc Hirsh: Wait, you’re joking.
Linda Holmes: How did you happen upon this information?
Marc Hirsh: AH AM A GENIUS.
Linda Holmes: Well, clearly you knew it from somewhere, or else you’re a demon. http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/aringbyspring/about
Marc Hirsh: Wait, this is really the movie you’re watching right now.
Linda Holmes: YES.
Marc Hirsh: Crazy!
Linda Holmes: You’re lying. You knew. Shut up. 
Marc Hirsh: I did not know that this was the movie you were watching. How could I know that that was the movie you were watching? I am not a demon.
Linda Holmes: Well, but you knew it was an upcoming Hallmark movie. You did not come up with “gypsy fortune teller” on your own. 
Marc Hirsh: No, I read the two-sentence listing in EW this morning.
Linda Holmes: Well, for [heaven’s] sake. Yes, that is the movie I’m watching. What other one would I be watching but the one that’s coming up? I thought you were psychic. This is boring. 
Marc Hirsh: But for a few minutes, the world was a place of wonder, wasn’t it?
Linda Holmes: I hate you. I’m showing this whole thing to the internet. 
Marc Hirsh: I DARE YOU.