All My Mad Men Writing

With the Mad Men finale fast approaching, I decided to round up the surprisingly large amount of writing I’ve done about the show over its entire run. I think this is everything. 

10/25/09 (Betty Draper)

11/9/09 (”Shut The Door. Have A Seat.”):

10/18/10 (Season four finale)

5/29/12 (”The Other Woman.”) :

4/8/13 (Betty dyes her hair)

5/6/13 (the merger with Cutler Gleason and Chaough)

6/24/13 (season 6 finale)

4/13/14 (season 7 premiere)

4/21/13 (Dawn and Shirley)

5/27/14 (”Waterloo”)

4/6/15 (Start of this final half-season)

5/4/15 (Peggy struts down the hall)